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Email Marketing

Email marketing

From list creation to template design and scheduled mailings, our email marketing campaigns are designed to facilitate brand engagement and customer loyalty.

The evolving digital landscape is moving at a faster pace than ever before, predominantly driven by new digital technologies. As a result, consumer behaviour is constantly changing.We specialise in creating digital marketing strategies that enable you to connect with your target market across all platforms.


For us, a digital marketing strategy is about:

Relevant traffic: building relevant traffic from SEO, PPC, Social Media and other traffic sources.Simplicity: using clear English, simple forms, and clear calls to action.Integration: seamlessly linking to systems like HubSpot, if required.Humans: integrating chat, telephone, email, auto-responses to increase conversions.Loyalty and re-selling: creating a long-term customer database to ongoing targeting.
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Digital marketing strategies that work

When done right, the digital marketing process works to bring more quality traffic to your website. With strategies like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), Email marketing, or Social media marketing we can help drive traffic to your website. What could you do with over 1,000 visitors to your website every month?A great website that performs well, has clear interactive content, has well written copy, and highlights your offerings and unique selling points helps to push these visitors further down into the sales funnel.It’s amazing that a well-designed form can be the difference between online success or failure.
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Trusted by our clients

We have developed digital marketing and sales strategies for AIB Bank (loans, mortgages, credit cards), AllianceJet (Private jet charter and rental), Eir (broadband), (car insurance, home insurance), CMIT (online courses), Sanity System (business sanitisation systems), and An Post (loans, credit cards).
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