In this day and age, getting online and selling your products is easy; with less than 20 clicks, you can have a Business website or eCommerce website In development working on Shopify,, Squarespace, or Wix etc.

They don’t offer you freedom – once you are locked in, getting out isn’t easy. Yearly and monthly subscription payments – including a cut of your sales in some cases!

You will find yourself eventually paying up as much as you would have paid a professional Website design and development company.

A professional Website design and development company would have delivered you a fully functional website without your business model has to rely on the service provider; you get freedom.

A professional Website design and development company offers total freedom of design, freedom of purpose, freedom of use, and no-strings-attached payments.

It is definitely tempting to buy web design packages that are upwards of €400 p/a, that you can build yourself. However, this takes time. Website design and development isn’t as simple as you may think. Website management is even more convoluted with plugins and other digital stack integrations requiring an expertise that most SMEs and Freelancers don’t have, nor do they have the time to learn these complex elements.

This is why hiring a professional website design, and development company makes the most sense. You provide a brief of work that you require; you agree to a price; and poof, the website of your dreams is developed pain-free.

The only payments after that are Domain, Hosting & SSL security certificates. Weblogic Provide Free Website Hosting For 1-Year, Which Includes SSL Security And Technical Maintenance Of Your Website Equal To The Value Of €500!

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