Website Performance Audit

expert website Audit

We use research and analytics to find insights that drive better results for your website.

We dive deep into the backend of your website 

It is one of the most powerful research methods and it enables for quick iterations and hotfixes of the product. The biggest advantage of the expert audit is a professional specification of the biggest disadvantages and advantages of the tested solution.

This, in the later phase, has a significant impact on the scenarios of usability tests, or optimixation works.

The outcome is an audit report that covers heuristic analysis, cognitive walkthrough and expert evaluation.

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E-commerce Audit

Are you handling or responsible for e-commerce in your organisation? Do you want to optimise conversion and improve your online store’s key indicators? By performing an audit, we will help you take your e-commerce to another level, and the results will immediately translate into an increased profit of your company.

There are many various reasons for performing an e-commerce audit. Do you want to find out why your store’s sales have fallen or what is stopping your users from making a final decision to buy? Are you not sure as to the quality of the store built by your builder? Do you want to carefully analyze every component of the purchasing process and learn where specifically on the website users drop out of the funnel? Do you want to understand better how users are making use of your e-commerce, what they think and how you could get them an even better experience? Do you want to make decisions based on quantity and quality data? Do you want to be more successful in winning your clients’ loyalty? As Flying Bisons, we perform many e-commerce audits as well as improve conversion and increase sales.

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