Case Study

Listen and Breath – Of A Mind

A heart-mending story of humankind-ness

Video by Alan Fisher, music by Henry Prune and photo by Bríd O’Donovan.


The Project

Mermaid Arts Centre is pleased to present OF A MIND by Listen and Breathe, an award-winning company led by Irish dramaturg/producer, Hugh Farrell, and New York-based sound designer, Tyler Kieffer. OF A MIND captures the changing spirit of our lives in a guided audio experience designed especially for Bray’s iconic promenade.

Born out of a nostalgia for seeing and being seen at Mass on Sunday, yoga class on Wednesday, or the GAA on Saturday, this experience invites audiences to reconnect with nature and find their place in the crowd again.

Meditative, immersive, and informed by the latest in mind-body research, the production dives deep into the mystery of our minds to bring participants on a journey through the collective consciousness.

Guided by a live narrator and a score of local voices, sounds and music, groups of 50 gather at Bray’s Victorian bandstand for this outdoor walking experience using their own smartphone and headphones. 

The production takes place over Zoom, bringing a fresh approach to the technology that has kept us connected during lockdown, and using it to create an intimate theatre space in public. 

Our Role

We partnered with Listen and Breath to deliver an advertising campaign across Facebook and Instagram for their new Audio experience, Of A Mind,.

Utilising variuous ad types including video, single image, carousel images, Instagram and Facebook stories, and Facebook instant experience we were able to create a successful campaign whilst collecting quality data to create a custom audience of individuals who are interested in participating in live ineteractive audio visual experiences. 

The Results

  • Reach: 160,833 
  • Impressions: 457,015 
  • Frequency: 2.84
  • Video Plays: 4,328 (Minimum 15 seconds watched)
  • All clicks: 2,121 (Links, read more, instnat experience, to profile etc.)
  • Unique link clicks: 1,102 (Link to box office)
  • Cost Per Click: €0.58

Services Provided

PPC Advertising